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Voltage stabilizer:SVC-H(luxurious type)high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer [Clicked:169] 
General (SVC-H(luxurious type)high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer)
      SVC-H series single-phase voltage stabilizer not only bears all characteristics of SVC, but also has advantages of
luxurious appearance , strong protection functions like over - voltage protection and under-voltage protection,
besides, it is provided with selection for delay time, it is really an economical product with high ratio of performance
and price.

Application (SVC-H(luxurious type)high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer)
       For office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliance,
lighting system, communication system, etc.
Performance (SVC-H(luxurious type)high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer)
lnput voltage Single-phase 160V-250V Delay time Long 5min±2min,short 5s±2s
Output voltage Single-phase 220V and 110V Ambient temperature -5℃--+40℃
Accuracy of voltage stabilization 220V±3%and 110V±6% Relative humidity ≤90%
frequency 50Hz/60Hz Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Adjusting time <1s (when input voltage has a change of 10%) Load power factor 0.8
Efficiency >90% Dielectric strength 1500/min
Over-voltage protection 246V±4V lnsulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Model and spec (SVC-H(luxurious type)high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer)
Spec(KVA) Product size D×W×H(cm) Product size D×W×H(cm) Weight(kg) Qty
SVC-H0.5 22×14×20 39×29×47 4.5 4
SVC-H1 23×14×20 39×31×47 6 4
SVC-H1.5 23×14×20 39×31×47 6.5 4
SVC-H2 28×14×20 39×35×47 8 4
SVC-H3 34×21×29 42×29×36 14 1
SVC-H5 40×21×29 48×29×37 21.5 1
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